You need to eat well when you work hard.

The grubs (which simply means food ) must contain what your body needs to build muscles, etc. Here we talk about food and share some recipies of our super grubs as we call it.

For a steady breakfast try our:


Make oakmeal grits following the  instructions on the backside of the package. It is easy.

Take one (raw) egg per portion and mix it in the grits together with 1 tablespoon  of Chia-seeds and 1 tablespoon of Psyllium-seeds. Let the grits rest for a minute before you eat. Serve with jam and milk, if you want. Or butter + honey as we eat it (frozen lingonberries are optional).

We promise you will not be hungry for a couple of hours.

Our healthy chocolate energy treats are great. Promise. No sugar other than what comes from the dates and the raisins. Which is quite much but at least it’s not fabricated.

5 tablespoons (msk) cacao powder (kakao) (1 msk = 15 ml)
1.5 dl raisins
3 dl oak
2 dl dates (dadlar)
1 dl sunflower seeds but not the bird food type.. 🙂
1 dl pumpkin seeds
3 tablespoons (msk) coconut oil (or other oil such as sunflower oil)
2 tablespoons (msk) coffee
0.5-1 dl water
0.5-1 krm saltflakes (1krm=1 ml)
0.5 teaspoon (tsk) vanillapowder (not vanilla sugar) (1 tsk=5 ml)
coconut flakes to roll them in

Mix all dry stuff in a mixer until they are crumbles only
Add all moist stuff except only 0.5 dl of the water.
Run mixer again until dough is firm. Add more water if needed.
Roll about 20 shuttles of the dough using your hands. Roll the shuttles in the cocunut flakes. Keep cold and enjoy.

More recipies are coming later.  Maybe we make a badminton-grit-reciepe book full with healthy food and snacks inbetween meals and before practise.