Player: Tobias Ström, 2009, Sweden

Tobias Ström
Year of birth:
Trollhättan Badmintonförening, TBF
Age when starting to play badminton:
Reason for starting to play badminton:
My older brother played
What do you like about badminton:
It is fun. You get to meet players from other countries
Best badminton related memory so far, and why:
A practise session with my coach Mikkel (Dec 2016)  when me and my brother were high jumping over a bar. It was fun and exciting to find out how high I could jump.
My idol or role model, and motivation:
Lee Chong Wei, he is good
My goals with badminton:
To practise to become good, to play at World Cup, or at the Olympics
My advises to other badminton players :
You must have fun otherwise you will not be good. Play a lot for fun with your friends, quarter court , or in Swedish “rutan”.