Coaching material

There are many great online resources of coaching material to help badminton coaches plan and deliver developing lessons to badminton players at all levels and ages.

Below are suggestions and links to particularly useful information.

Badminton World Federation, BWF Shuttle Time with lessons plans, hereThere is also a free Shuttle-Time App to download for free from GooglePlay or AppStore. Great stuff!

Badminton World Federation, BWF Level 1, and Level 2, Coach Education Course material.  Read more @ BWF Education Website. Should also be BWF Level 3 material available but we have not seen that yet. 🙂

Thanks BWF!

Here comes more, but from Denmark:

DGI Traener Guiden – Badminton

DGI BadmintonFitness – an easy-to-use concept for creating an all-round badminton practise, can be used for many levels and as inspiration material.  Buy it here!

DGI Badminton i skolen

Thanks Denmark and DGI! Great material, but you need to know some Danish to appreciate it to the fullest.

We suggest you contact your national badminton federation for more information regarding available courses for badminton coaches. For Sweden , click here!


Sincerely, 🙂