Badminton Building Blocks

There are many building blocks needed for being a complete badminton player.

Basic building blocks, badminton specific building blocks, and general physical/mental building blocks are all needed to reach your best level.

Basic building blocks:

Getting Grit

Setting Goals

Using your Grit

Badminton specific building blocks:

Developing Technical Skills  – Technical Abilities for Movement and Hitting

Developing Understanding – Tactics

Physical and mental building blocks:

Developing Physical State – Body

Improving Way of Thinking – Mental Strength

Choosing Way of Living – Lifestyle 

Actually nothing revolutionary, but the same six performance factors layed out by Badminton World Federation, see BWF Level 1, and Level 2, Coach Education Course for background and more objective information.  Those you can read and download from: BWF Education Website

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More in-depth information to be added soon, some thoughts and ideas about all the above building blocks.

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